Telcon Bimetals

Thermostatic Bimetal Coils & Components

Thermostatic Bimetal Coils and Components

Telcon Bimetals have now ventured into manufacturing of Thermostatic Bimetals / Trimetals strips and
components using the worlds most advanced COLD CLAD German technology.

Our Bimetal products are widely acclaimed by the industry and are highly efficient in offering a quality range of Bimetal products .Our broad range of Bimetals offer grades with high thermal sensitivity, electrical resistance, anti-corrosion properties and reliable & consistent performance at high temperatures.

Thermostatic Bimetal or Trimetal is a firmly bonded strip of two or three layers of different metal alloys, one having a high coefficient of expansion while the other having a lower coefficient of expansion. Whenever the strips get heated, the two cladded component layers expand at different rates causing the strips to bend. The greater the difference in coefficients of thermal expansion, the greater is the bend and the force exerted on the bend.